The Church – Is Not What You Think –

"The Church Is not What You Think" seeks to answer most of the critical questions about the real meaning of the church as recorded in the Bible. This book has also outlined divine and revealing testimonies by some people.

"The World Leaders and Homosexuality Legalisation, the Secret Behind -- Volume One” outlines the key secrets behind the advocacy and legalization of gay and lesbian marriage and other social needs which may be considered social problems.


The Essence And Effects Of Tithes And Offerings

Tithing and offering are two interesting subjects, which Christian denominations, religious bodies, and philosophers have different meanings and applications. While tithing and offering are certainly biblical concepts, some Christian churches, philosophers, and religious bodies teach that tithe is a command and offering is a sacrificial will of Christians, some also teach that these are not so. What does the Bible teach regarding tithing and offering under the New Covenant?

In order to understand how tithing fits (or doesn't fit) into the life of a Christian or a religious person, we must first examine tithing as it was originally commanded, its purposes, and its meaning.

Offering which sometimes interchangeably defined to be tithe, one needs to understand the meaning of sacrifice, free will, giving, and sharing.

If I am to ask, how is GOD of the Old Testament or the prophets differ from the GOD of New Testament, or the apostles.  Certainly this is not. So why are there many arguments of tithes and offerings?

This book explains the spiritual, physical, psychological, and biblical principles of Tithing and Offering.  A thorough analysis of tithes and offerings are considered with biblical references and revealing testimonies. The spiritual and physical purposes of tithing, consequences of not paying or paying, the income and percentage pay, the New Testament application, attitude and time of tithing, and answers to most frequently asked questions and others that may leach in many people’s mind are considered. 

 It also outlines the most frequently asked questions on tithing, offerings, and giving.

The Essence And Effects Of Tithes And Offerings
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This fourth series of Talon is worth reading as the other three series.


In reading this book, you would get to know characters such as Mira, Matica,  Aikon, Talon, Tamo, Tima, and others.


This book will make you understand how important it is to raise a family and get connected to relatives.


You will learn to live to judge situations and not condemn people. Life is not straight forward, there are obstacles but when you are connected to relatives and good friends, you will overcome them the obstacles in life.


With this book, you will realise that without your brother or sister, or friends or those around you, there is no one for you to get help or connected. Life is good when you are cared for and loved.


This book is easily readable and full of thoughts. You will never regret reading it.


The following are its content: At Home After the Ordeal, What Would Happen If…?, Next Morning, The Leaves, How Long Will That Be?, Telling Time, The Visitors, Crayn is Showing Love to the Birds, Aikon,  Crayn’s Love for the Birds, Mira, The Leaf, Elcano, Pajaro’s Father, After-Effects, At Home, They Want, Talon?, Coincidence?, I Have to Tell Talon . etc.


I highly recommend to children, young, youth, the old and all levels of people.


Just visit the author’s website and request your copy(ies), it is also available on amazon.


 Reviewed by Maxwell Kobina Acquah (Yefulkay),  or



"There Is a Condition" discusses the secret behind the difficulties in life. Many are blaming God for difficulties in their life, forgetting the conditions in living a successful life. Join the author as he discusses questions, truths and secrets behind man's life situations.

In "Eternity Is Just a Step Across the Threshold," the author speaks about the line after the moment a person dies. The soul leaves the fleshly body and immediately steps into heaven or hell for all eternity. This book will clearly explain heaven and hell to those who seek for the right answers.

 Life After Death: Where Would You Be If You Die Today  

"Life After Death: Where Would You Be if You Die Today" discusses the significance of the natural and spiritual world. It outlines real testimonies -- involving an encounter with Jesus Christ, a visit to hell, a visit to heaven and many other life-altering situations. This is a good book for anyone who looks for spiritual perspectives about life after death.

The Downfall of Man Is Out of WWH 

"The Downfall of Man" examines the causes of the downfall of man and woman in what the author calls the WWH factors. Read this book and discover the different factors that contribute to the obstacles in the progress of man's life.

I did not know I would be born by unknown parents into an unknown world where there is no peace and freedom, and justice. My existence was a mystery to me and as a little boy I used to question my grandmother how I was born. As a child, my grandmother told me a little of biological existence of life because she thought am too little to understand how birth occurs. I kept on from time to time to find out more from her and other people how even the world was created and how the events in this world occur.


In a certain stage, my grandmother taught me how to pray and who to pray to. Then she started teaching me the moral values of the society. At every stage in life, I was wondering how and why I came to this world. Because I did not understand why I will wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, bath, eat, go to farm to cultivate the soil to plant crops and raise animals, or go to school to acquire knowledge and the evening I will bath eat and sleep. I asked myself as a little boy what at all does man do on earth every day?  So many things were going on in my mind, wanting to know who is responsible for my life and why the person made me. 


To some people if they had power, they would have resisted their birth of been into this suffering world of war, disasters, outbreak of strange sickness and diseases, hunger, poverty, and the likes. But no one have the power to have resisted his birth unless by abortion by the parent(s) or natural death at birth. Nobody knew before his birth the kind of parents he will have, the family, tribe, country, region, and culture he would be born into, the wife or husband to marry, who he will become in future, and so on. 


I have realised by the inspiration of the Bible, manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and evidences of supernatural events beyond human thinking and understanding make me believe that JEHOVAH Almighty GOD is responsible for man’s existence on earth. So in this case GOD owes it a duty to provide for man all his needs. According to the Bible GOD did not create man to suffer or is not the cause of man’s suffering. The cause of man’s suffering is the abuse or misapplication of the free will that GOD provided to man. Man is impatient and rushes to make wrong choices.

  1. Title: God Is Responsible For Existence Of Life: He Owes It A Responsibility And Duty To Provide For Us

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GIGI SEDLMAYER is an experience creative and talented writer who has established herself as an accomplished author after having written several worth reading books such as: TALON - COME FLY WITH ME   request your copy or copies now

This book not only worth reading to only some limited age group but to all levels of age groups and enables the individual to understand:

  1.  The meaning of life
  2. The beauty of creation
  3. The reality of living in the natural environment
  4. The benefits of kindness and obeying basic rules
  5. How to reason well and find answers to problems
  6. Parenting and parenthood
  7. Psychological and physiological development of group of people in a geographical area

I highly recommend this exciting and life changing book to you. Invest in books like this to broaden your logical and mental psychological levels of the universe.

Schools, libraries, organisations, individuals and others are highly recommended to request copies for their customers and readers, and self.


Reviewed by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – ‘Yefulkay’(   and  )

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This book titled ON THE WING is the second volume of TALON series by Gigi Sedlmayer,

In this volume, you will realise how beautiful the nature is, and how existence of life is appreciable by judging and predicting how things happens in life.

Like the first volume, TALON, COME AND FLY, this book portrays the real meaning of love and to be of helpful to others.

When I was reading, I realised every creature has a purpose of its existence.

The following features can be recognised when reading this book of all ages:

  1. The importance of time schedule and been on time.
  2. How to accept strangers and the kind of thought you will have.
  3. Offensive and defensive of territory
  4. How to be able to predict seasons for living and how to withstand seasonal hardships
  5. The psychological importance of songs or music
  6. Overcoming challenges and judging situations
  7. The need for parenthood and raising children with good moral values.

I highly recommend this book of realities of natural life of humanity to all levels of people, libraries, schools, children, adolescent, youth, adult, oldest (age).     

Available on amazon and bookstores, and other online stores.


 Reviewed by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – ‘Yefulkay’ 

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This poem titled Be Wise, You Wise Man by Nozwi Maxegwana is a very good book for all age groups.

There is a saying that ‘it is only a child’s cloth that the adult cannot wear, but not the food’, so as this book is good for both children and adults. As the title is, this book will help you to broadening your knowledge about living. It will inspire you to know how to relate and tolerate everyone in a society.

I am highly recommending this treasure to everyone to take advantage and acquire the most precious gift for living a wise life.

Knowledge is power, do you know that, never downplay the secrets that have been hidden in this book. This is a great opportunity for you to grab the treasures in this book.


My book is available on the following pages:,,,,,, and  (ISBN:9781625166180)


This is my first book and i intend to write more to help people to learn to apreciate what God deposited in their lives. thank you





Reviewed by Maxwell Kobina Acquah (YEFULKAY)   or 


The Repentance of a Bad Boy is a mystery crime novel centered on a young lad named James. This young man wants to get rich at any cost, and will do anything to achieve his aim. He will steal, scam, and even murder his parents to reach his goal. He joins with Mark in their schemes to get money, but in the end, both will have to face the punishment for their actions. Will this bad boy really repent? The author wrote this book to point out that many African youths are caught up in get-rich-quick schemes and enter into dubious activities. About the Author Ezeifekwuaba Tochukwu Benedict is a graduate of University of Lagos in banking and finance. He has passion for writing and artwork. His works can be found in Nigerian magazines, including his church brochure. The Repentance of a Bad Boy is his first novel. Publisher's website: http: //




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